Animation Lead at Initial Title Sequence for Netflix show - ¡Contra las cuerdas 🤼‍♀️!

An exciting project,  my role started listing each asset from the storyboard with the art department, defining transitions, creating the rigging for each character, and preparing every asset for the animation process and later on into the screen.📺

Art made by Diego Martínez, Brandon Silva, and Eric Baal 
 Creative Direction Maribel Martínez.✨

Créditos por @diecinueve36
Dirección Creativa: Maribel Martínez @maribelmg
Líder Animación: Cecilia Cortes @curlycurlsss
Apoyo en animación: Ivan García
Arte: Diego Martínez, Brandon Silva y Eric Baal
Productora: Quimi Niani

Work tools: 
After Effects

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